What will cleaning be like in 100 years?

With the current technology advancements, it would be correct to say in a hundred years’ time; the world will almost be unrecognizable. Modern technology has infiltrated every aspect of our living and will all the trends taking a new level every day; you can be sure what is seen as a science- fiction movie will be the reality. Cleaning is also expected to continue to take the twists and turns as people find easier ways of tackling this home monster that many people run away from.

House Cleaning Roboter

There are many scientists who are working hard to ensure that when that time comes, people will not take a duster and some water to clean their home. These tech-wizards wish to find ways that human effort can be completely minimized to that of controlling a computer. They want to ensure that domestic cleaning has been revolutionized and achieved new technological levels:

The future of cleaning products and solutions

A couple of decades ago, home cleaning didn’t involve much. It never went beyond mere scrubbing of floors and washing of upholstery. With time, people started shifting attention to carpets, mattresses, and sofas. This shows just how people’s mindset about cleaning has changed with chemical cleaning products coming in demand more than ever. However, many people have realized the little time they have for home cleaning chores and thus hire experts to do the work. This trend of hiring people to do the work will mostly remain for a long time from to come.

Robotic refuse men

In 2013, there was a revelation that was made about household developments which were expected to take place before the century ends. One of these remarkable revelations was the use of robots rather than the common refuse men that people are used to. These robots will go around beneath the surface of the earth where they will process and organize household waste. This is unlike the usual bin which is later emptied by the collectors. Chutes will be connected to homes all the way down to the ground. After that, you will leave it to the robots to worry about the rest.

Self-cleaning surfaces

If tired of cleaning up surfaces from your bathroom and kitchen, then in a hundred years’ time, you will be relieved off your duties. Experts have argued that in the future, one will no longer have to waste their time cleaning these surfaces. This is because those materials which will be used will be free from dirt meaning it cannot stick on them. They will also contain these tiny pores which will be for releasing cleaning water and also collecting it. Yours will be just to sit and watch if you so wish as this unfolds. It is just a matter of time before these surfaces hit the market. One will not even bother to wipe them with anything; they will do everything all by themselves.


Even though the idea of having a robot machine going around your home cleaning the floors sound like a movie, the truth is that they are already operational. Even as they come up with these high-technology gadgets, experts have also come up with all sorts of devices, they have also created what can be termed as robot cleaning agents. In fact, those robots which can handle all your vacuuming tasks are already being produced. There are also prototypes of machines which will be capable of scrubbing and washing surfaces. In just a matter of time, these will be fully automated machines ready in the market for you. Though it may seem too far-fetched to be even near the truth, robot cleaners are all created from technology that does exist.

Reality of the existing technology

There are many developments which are taking place and will be expected to mature before the century ends. This suggests that in 100 years from now, people will-will see all these new developments come in life. Experts have shown that in a hundred years from now, these robots machines and the amazing self-cleaning surfaces will be part of life just like a cup of tea. All this can be explained by the fact that much of it has been achieved, and all that remains is to release the products into the market. This means that all that is anticipated in a hundred years may even come before they elapse.

Signs that you need to invest in house cleaning services

Many people have grown busier now more than ever before. They have been far stretched by work, parenting, school and other many responsibilities all looking up to the same person. This means that there is no time that one will ever be very idle to pick up a vacuum cleaner and start going around the house. Even if they did, they would do it in a hurry to avoid wasting much time thus not effective. Hiring cleaning service experts will be a good way to avoid living in a place full of dirt just because you are busy. In fact, finding time to spend leisurely doing fun family activities sometimes seems nearly an impossible thing. One way of saving this time which is scarcely available is by seeking help from cleaning companies. This will help you claim some valuable time and use it with your family.

  • When is it time to invest in cleaning companies?

Sometimes one may be too occupied with all the responsibilities that they don’t notice when it’s time to invest in a cleaning company. Below are some tips that will tell you when it is time to call in a professional to do the work for you:

  • If you are working long hours

Working long hours means that you hardly get home early. As a matter of fact, these hour long tasks usually exhaust you both mentally and physically. When you get home, there are other tasks which also require your attention. Such include utensils and laundry means that you will hardly get time to clean your home. All of these will increase your fatigue levels, and you will not be able to perform all these tasks in one night. Hiring a professional cleaner will make your work very easy and also leave you to concentrate on your work.

  • If you hate cleaning

When you realize that cleaning is not your thing, it could be the time you gave in and sort a professional. People have different wants, and there are those who very much dislike anything related to cleaning. That being their weak spot, then they have no choice than to accept they can’t do it and get someone else who can. There are those people who want just to hold on to it. Such people take a lot of time doing a very poor job where someone else would have spent less and done an excellent work. Rather than wasting crucial time trying to win a battle against laundry, dirt, and dust, calling in a professional might be a brilliant idea.

  • Special occasions

If have been doing some cleaning to your house, and yet it doesn’t become as clean as you would wish, get some professional. This is especially when you want to hold a special occasion like birthday parties, engagement parties, and even weddings. These events are colorful and special and so should your home be. These cleaning companies can also help to organize your home and make it ready to host special occasions like these. You surely want your home to be in top condition, and thus you will need the services of a professional.

  • Do the calculations

This is where you sit and do the math. Check how much you get paid hourly at your workplace and see how much you will spend doing the cleaning tasks. Then determine how much it will cost you should you hire a professional to do the work for you. The chances are that you will find it cheaper hiring a cleaning company rather than wasting your precious time doing the work yourself. These are simple math that will only spend a few of your minutes and you know which is best for you.

  • Lack of leisure time

It is possible to find someone cutting down all their fun activities to do the cleaning chores in the house. This is because they have limited time which is all occupied with endless responsibilities which will probably take all of their time. The little time they get is then dedicated to cleaning the house which cuts them from doing anything that they love. By hiring a maid service by a cleaning company, you will free up some time to go out and do what you enjoy doing. You will get time to explore things that you haven’t tried before and have fun.

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